Global PR Investments By Practice Area, Q3 2012 [CHART]

Global investment in public relations (PR) is treading water, according to the latest Grayling Pulse Report, released October 2012. A plurality (41.7%) of in-house marketing and communications professionals surveyed from around the world report that their companies’ PR investments were unchanged in Q3 2012. The percentage who reported those investments to be down was virtually unchanged from the previous quarter (18.8% for Q3 vs. 19% for Q2), as was the proportion who reported an investment hike (20.1% v. 21.8%). Overall, companies appear more willing to invest in project-based PR than in retained PR relationships. Only 8.8% of companies increased their retained PR investment in Q3, while more than double decreased those investments (24%). By contrast, respondents reported being as likely to increase as decrease their investments in project-based PR (17.8% vs. 18.9%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.