Importance Of Emotional Connection To A Company By Industry, November 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Importance Of Emotional Connection To A Company By Industry

85% of consumers say it is important or very important to them to do business with a company for which they have strong emotions, per survey results released in November 2012 by rbb Public Relations. But that connection is more important in some industries than others, and appears to matter more in industries where products are more complex and less of a commoditized.

For example, 76% of respondents say that an emotional connection is important from healthcare providers, with that connection built upon personal and proactive communications from the provider. Banking (63%) was next, followed by professional services (62%). A high proportion also value emotional connections when it comes to travel (56%), insurance (55%), auto (52%), technology (44%) and food (also 44%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.