Best Sources For Marketing & Advertising, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Best Sources For Marketing & Advertising

Online advertising revenues are growing more quickly than traditional media revenues. But consumers and marketers both rate traditional sources, including TV and print publications, as best for marketing and advertising, well ahead of any digital media, according to survey findings by Adobe, released October 2012. Given up to 2 choices, 45% of consumers named newspapers and TV the best marketing and advertising sources, beating out other traditional sources such as consumer forums and publications (28%), as well as a host of digital channels such as websites (22%), social media pages (9%), and blogs (4%).

While in general, a smaller proportion of marketers than consumers rated traditional sources as their top-2 choices, their rankings generally aligned with those of the consumers surveyed. That is, TV and print, word-of-mouth, and consumer publications all beat out the digital channels identified. Marketers were also far more likely to choose industry publications than consumers (18% vs. 7%) as a top-2 marketing and advertising channel. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.