Ways People Share Their Opinions About Movies, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Ways People Share Their Opinions About Movies

However large social media and the internet loom in consumer reviews and product selection, they are not the primary ways by which people share their opinions about upcoming movies, finds Ipsos MediaCT’s Motion Picture Group, as reported by The Wrap in October 2012. Based on a survey of 1,200 Americans aged 13-49, Ipsos found that 88% prefer to share their thoughts with family through offline methods such as face-to-face (53%), on the phone (23%), or via text (12%). Just 12% prefer communicating through social networks (6%), email (5%) or other online methods (1%).

The same preference pattern for communicating offline rather than online held for friends (76% vs. 24%) and co-workers (54% vs. 46%), too. For all others, online methods were preferred (63% vs. 37%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.