American Social Network Ad Clickers, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - American Social Network Ad Clickers

Some 31% of online Americans aged 18-64 report having clicked on an ad they saw on a social network, but that number reaches 42% among Millennials (aged 15-31), and peaks at 47% among men of that age group, according to a September 2012 report by Ipsos Media. These young men appear far more click-happy than young women: a relatively smaller one-third of the female Millennials surveyed said they’ve clicked on an ad they saw on a social network.

Overall, Millennials are more likely to have clicked on a social network ad they saw than Gen Xers (aged 32-45; 31%) and Boomers (46-64; 21%). While among the younger crowd, men are more eager clickers, that seems to change with age. About one-quarter of female Boomers say they’ve clicked on a such an ad, compared to roughly one-fifth of male Boomers surveyed. Read the rest at MarektingCharts.