Where Consumers & Brands Collaborate, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Where Consumers & Brands Collaborate

As social media becomes increasingly used for customer engagement, social media users from around the world report a willingness to collaborate with companies they like in a variety of areas, finds InSites Consulting in a September 2012 report. Among those willing to help (who make up a large majority of the social media users surveyed), some 64% from 19 countries around the world report being interested in helping companies improve an existing product or service, and 64% are also interested in helping companies improve customer service. Other identified areas in which a majority of these respondents are interested in helping are in the development of a new product or service (59%), feedback on companies’ overall strategies (52%), and feedback on companies’ communication about the market (51%).

A significant proportion would also be happy to collaborate with brands to improve an existing ad campaign (46%) and develop a new ad campaign (45%), as “Social Media Around The World 2012″ details. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.