Top Category Spenders On Video Ads In Q2 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Top Category Spenders On Video Ads In Q2 2012

The CPG category was the leading online video ad spender on the YuMe network in Q2 2012, according to data released in September 2012 by YuMe. The vertical accounted for almost 1 in 4 dollars spent on video ads, with the health and pharma category not far behind, at 19%. Beyond these top 2 spenders, there was a significant drop-off to the next tier: retail (11%); consumer electronics (9%); telecom (8%); and financial services (8%).

CPG’s position at the top of online video ad spending is nothing new. In 2011, the category accounted for 24% of all online video ad dollars spent on the YuMe network for the year, far ahead of health and pharma (16%), while in Q1 2012, it was also the top spender (25%), edging out health and pharma (23%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.