Reasons To combine Contextual & Audience Targeting, September 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Reasons To combine Contextual & Audience Targeting

94% of display media buying respondents to a Google and Forrester Consulting survey released in September 2012 currently combine contextual (i.e. targeting based on contextual category or contextual adjacency) and audience targeting. The primary reasons these respondents give for doing so are higher performance and greater accuracy than using one type of targeting alone. For example, among respondents who have a branding goal for their display efforts, 45% say that the primary reason they combine contextual and audience targeting is for higher performance, while 43% say the primary reason is for greater accuracy. Generally, the more that display media buyers spend, the more they see higher performance as the chief benefit of this combined targeting, and the less they cite accuracy as the primary reason for doing so. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.