Mobile Shopping Habits By Gender [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Shopping Habits By Gender

Women and men may both be active mobile shoppers, but they differ significantly on the specific shopping activities they perform, according to September 2012 findings from uSamp. Some 44% of women on the uSamp’s mobile panel have used a mobile coupon, versus 35% of men. Yet men are more likely to have made a mobile purchase (45% vs. 34%), as well as a mobile payment (46% vs. 32%).

Men, in fact, led in most mobile shopping activities, including writing a review of a purchase (26% vs 16%), commenting on a purchase (35% vs. 28%) and scanning a barcode (91% vs. 85%). (These numbers are high compared to the mobile shopper demographic at large, but the researchers’ iPoll panel is comprised almost entirely of active mobile shoppers.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.