Most Effective Form Of Advertising For Reaching College Students, August 2021 [CHART]

Chart - Most Effective Form Of Advertising For Reaching College Students

The effect of TV advertising on youth is also brought into focus when looking at college students. A survey released in August by Barnes & Noble College Marketing found that despite the popularity of digital technology and media among college students, a leading 42% named TV ads the most effective form of advertising, more than double the proportion (20%) who said that ads don’t impact their purchase decisions, and far outstripping their next-most effective advertising medium, magazines (10%). Not only are TV ads effective, but they are also a viable way to reach this demographic. TV commercials ranked as one of the top ways for a company or brand to reach students: 19% of respondents chose TV, slightly behind email (20%), but ahead of coupons (14%), Facebook ads (9%) and on-campus word-of-mouth (9%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.