Why People Unsubscribe From Mobile Updates [CHART]

Chart - Why People Unsubscribe From Mobile Updates

The leading reason mobile phone users unsubscribe from mobile marketing updates is message overload, according to a September 2012 report from Vibes. Asked their top reasons for unsubscribing from updates, 69% of mobile phone users and 86% of “showroomers” pointed to too many messages or updates. (Vibes describes a showroom shopper as one who uses a store’s physical location as a showroom for products instead of a place of business.)

A survey of online consumers by Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) and Constant Contact, released in March, came to a similar conclusion. When the respondents were asked why they unsubscribe from an email list, too many emails topped the list of reasons, cited by 69% of subscribers. The same reason (too many updates) sat on top of the list for Facebook likers, at 42%. Read the rest from MarketingCharts.