Effect Of Smart Phone Owners' In-Store Research [CHART]

Chart - Effect Of Smart Phone Owners' In-Store Research

14% of American smart phone owners who have scanned or texted for product information while in-store say they made an unplanned purchase as a result, according to a September 2012 report from Vibes. Yet, an almost equal proportion (15%) report being dissuaded from making a purchase. Still, a plurality say that the product information they accessed made them feel better about the purchase they planned to make. Only 13% said the information had no impact on their decision.

Among the survey respondents who “showroom” (which the report defines as “using the store’s physical location as a showroom for products instead of a place of business”), 1 in 4 report having left a store and purchased from a competitor. This represents 6% of the total mobile population surveyed. 29% of showroomers later made a purchase from the store’s website, representing 7% of the total mobile population. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.