Mobile Engagement With Travel Content [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Engagement With Travel Content

Just one-quarter of smartphone and tablet users know exactly what they are looking for when they first access a travel application or website on their device, while more than 2 in 5 either have no idea or just a general idea, per results from a study released in September by Telmetrics and xAd, in partnership with Nielsen. Engaging with travel content is popular among smartphone owners, with recent data from comScore indicating that 37% of the US smartphone population accessed travel content in July. That figure, however, represents a step down from 51% of the smartphone audience who accessed travel content in the 3-month period ending in February, 2012 – a dip that may be attributable to seasonality.

Survey results released in August [download page] by Ipsos MediaCT and Google found that 38% of leisure travelers (who had traveled at least once for leisure reasons in the past 6 months) had used a mobile device to access the internet for travel information, up from 31% in 2011 and just 18% in 2010. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.