Multi-Device Path To Purchase [TABLE]

Table - Multi-Device Path To Purchase

Online shopping takes place across multiple screens, according to [PDF] August 2012 research conducted by Sterling Brands and Ipsos on behalf of Google. The survey found 2 in 3 respondents using multiple devices sequentially to shop online, with the path to purchase beginning on a smart phone for 65% of those respondents. Of those beginning the shopping process on a smart phone, 61% continued on a PC or laptop, and 4% continued on a tablet.

Of the 25% who began their purchase journey on a PC or laptop, 19% continued on a smartphone and 5% on a tablet. And of the 11% who began shopping on a tablet, 10% moved onto a PC or laptop. The study concludes that as sequential use of devices to shop becomes commonplace, business must enable customers to save their progress between devices (e.g., with saved shopping carts and “signed-in” experiences). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.