The Consequences To Retailers Of Going App-less [CHART]

Chart - The Consequences To Retailers Of Going App-less

54% of mobile applications users say there are consequences to retailers not providing mobile apps, some of those consequences for the shoppers themselves and some for the retailers, according to an August 2012 survey performed by Harris Interactive on behalf of Apigee. For example, the most common concern is a wasted trip to a store for items the retailer does not carry (30%), but the lack of an app also leads 19% to think that the retailer is old-fashioned.

Other consequences identified include: the consumer losing out on the best deals the store offers (25%); the consumer losing time (17%) or money (12%); and the consumer losing loyalty to the store (7%). Some mobile app users even take this to another level: 7% believe a retailer’s lack of app could make them think the retailer does not respect its customers. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.