Chart - How People Respond To Ads On Their Smart Phones

Roughly 1 in 4 smartphone users have purchased applications or mobile web content over their devices (”content buyers”), according to a joint survey by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) and Frank N. Magid Associates. 79% of those content buyers took some action after seeing a smartphone ad, with 24% saying they made a purchase at a store as a result.

The 79% of content buyers responding to an ad represents about twice the proportion of smartphone “content consumers” (the general smartphone user sample) who have done so in the past 6 months (39%). In each of 11 possible actions identified in response to a mobile ad, content buyers outpace content consumers by at least 100%, including: clicking through on an ad (31% vs. 15%); using a special offer or coupon (30% vs. 12%); making a purchase on a PC (27% vs. 12%); making a purchase at a store (24% vs. 12%); researching a brand on a search engine (24% vs. 12%); going to a brand website (24% vs. 11%); going to a brand Facebook page (24% vs. 10%); making a purchase on a mobile phone (23% vs. 8%); and making a purchase by phone call (19% vs. 7%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.