Chart - Influence Of Promotions On Back-To-School Shoppers

Among back-to-school shoppers who had already begun shopping by August 7, 38.5% said that more than half of their purchases had been influenced by coupons, sales, and/or promotions, per results from an updated NRF survey, conducted by BIGinsight. And recently-released data from a PriceGrabber survey indicates that almost half of consumers believe that retailers are offering better promotions on back-to-school items this year as compared to last. Even so, the NRF figures actually represent a small step down from last year in terms of promotional influence – in 2011, 41.5% reported having more than half of their purchases influenced by promotions. This year, a greater proportion of respondents said that 51-75% of their purchases were influenced (19% vs. 15.8%), although last year, a much higher proportion said all of their purchases were influenced by promotions (16.8% vs. 11%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.