Effect Of Online Discounts On In-Store Purchases [TABLE]

Table - Effect Of Online Discounts On In-Store Purchases

45% of customers would leave a store and buy a product online if they found it at a 2.5% discount while comparison shopping using their mobile device, details GroupM Next in an August 2012 report. At a discount of 5%, 60% of customers would leave, while at a 20% discount, 87% of shoppers would be moved to abandon the store. The research also indicates that the trend is similar for dollar amounts: when the difference is more than $5.00, a majority of most customers said they would leave the store.

Overall, about 1 in 10 shoppers surveyed said they would complete their purchase in-store regardless of the price discount.

While this appears to show customers as being extremely influenced by pricing – and by extension, to paint a difficult picture for brick-and-mortar retailers – the report offers another angle to the data. That is, if stores can remain within 5% of the online price, a large proportion of customers would complete their purchase in-store. Nevertheless, the data also indicates that even keeping within a 2.5% margin of difference would only hold the attention of a slight majority of customers. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.