Pre-Roll Video Ad Completion Rates By Size [CHART]

Chart - Pre-Roll Video Ad Completion Rates By Size

In pre-roll video advertising, size has a measurable impact upon completion rates, per findings from a TubeMogul report covering H1 activity on its media buying platform. 15-second ads of less than 1,000 pixels had a completion rate of 79.5%, compared to 90.9% for ads of the same length measuring more than 1,000 pixels. Completion rates were even higher for 30-second ads, at 80.1% for those less than 1,000 pixels, and 96.2% for those above that size.

Video ads on Tier 1 sites (from well-recognized publishers like news outlets, cable providers and sports broadcasters) had the highest completion rate, at 81.3% overall. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.