Top Ways Hispanics Seek Advice About Products & Services [CHART]

Chart - Top Ways Hispanics Seek Advice About Products & Services

Of the various ways adult Hispanic consumers seek advice about products and services, face-to-face interactions far outgun any digital method, used by roughly three-quarter of survey respondents, according to a new analysis of information from the Hispanic InsightCenter by BIGinsight. The remaining methods Hispanics use to seek advice are largely digital, including: reading product reviews (34.6%); email (24.8%); text messaging (23.7%); via mobile devices (23.3%); and asking Facebook friends (20.1%).

This preference for face-to-face interactions extends to a subset of Hispanics examined by Sensis and White Horse in April 2012. These Hispanic smartphone owners who use their devices to help them shop in brick-and-mortar venues (”Hispanic mobile shoppers”) like to have company when they do so. Almost 70% said they prefer to shop with family members or friends when buying expensive items, citing getting their advice as the chief reason for bringing them along on these shopping trips. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.