Perceptions Of Multichannel Marketing [CHART]

Chart - Perceptions Of Multichannel Marketing

87% of marketing decision-makers from around the world believe they will drive more sales and profit by evolving into effective multichannel marketing organizations, according to a study released in August 2012 by Sitecore, conducted by Forrester Research. Virtually the same proportion (86%) agree (top-2 box score on a 5-point scale) that successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is critical to their long-term success.Roughly two-thirds believe that a multichannel customer is worth substantially more than a single channel customer, and about 6 in 10 agree that their companies must rethink how they service customers to become truly multichannel companies.

Still, marketers perceive multichannel marketing as costly and difficult: 54% agree that multichannel customers cost more to manage than single-channel customers; and half believe that customer experience is negatively impacted by inconsistent treatment across channels. Slightly more than one-third feel that they lose business because they cannot integrate customer interactions across channels. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.