Mobile Devices & Insomnia [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Devices & Insomnia

Tablet and mobile activities are as likely to keep device owners awake as are TV and computer activities, according to a July 2012 survey from Wave Collapse, which asked mobile device owners who had engaged in a number of leisure activities in the past week to identify which they stayed up late to do the previous night. While 62% who had watched a movie on TV stayed up to do so, 59% who had viewed a video, movie, or TV show on their tablet stayed up as well.

These late-night viewers choose to stay up late, and are not necessarily insomniacs who suffer from sleeplessness; but insomniacs too enjoy digital TV delivery. June survey findings from Resonate indicate that insomniacs are 30% more likely than the online adult population (OAP) to spend 40+ hours per week online, and far more likely (by 34%) than the OAP to watch TV content on a computer, on a tablet (31%), or on a mobile phone (24%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.