Location-Tagging Social Posts By Generation [CHART]

Chart - Location-Tagging Social Posts By Generation

73% of on-the-go mobile consumers aged 25-34 and 75% of those aged 24 and younger location-tag their social sharing posts and pictures, per results from a JiWire study released in August. On average, 62% of on-the-go consumers location-tag their posts, with parents (64%) more apt than those without children (58%) to do so.Despite the youngest sets being the most common geo-taggers, two-thirds of on-the-go consumers aged 35-44 and 54% of those aged 45-54 are also location-tagging their posts, with the proportion dipping to 44% among the 55 and over crowd.

Among those who location-tag their posts, 49% say that they do so to notify friends and family, while 26% want to connect with others. 31% say social sites make it easy, while 24% don’t know. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.