Demographics: Desire To Blend In vs. Stand Out [CHART]

Chart - Demographics: Desire To Blend In vs. Stand Out

58% of US adults aged under 35 would rather stand out from than blend into the crowd, reveals new data from Ipsos. This is exactly opposite to the overall US average: despite the US ideal of rugged individualism, 58% would prefer to blend in rather than stand out, only slightly lower than the 61% global average. Preference for blending in rises to 64% among Americans aged 35-49 and 71% among those aged 50-64. The terms “blend in” and “stand out” are vague, but Ipsos describes some instances of standing out as: being able to voice controversial opinions; bucking fashion trends; creating new product or art; singing loudly in a quiet library; or dyeing one’s hair an odd color.

On a global basis, much as in the US, younger people are most inclined to express their individualism, with 45% of those under age 35 worldwide preferring to stand out. The desire to stand out mellows with age, with less than 2 in 5 adults aged 35 to 49 (37%) and 50 to 64 (30%) preferring to stand out. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.