Online vs. In-Person Sociability By Demographic Segment [CHART]

Chart - Online vs. In-Person Sociability By Demographic Segment

8 in 10 Americans believe that they are more outgoing in-person rather than online, according to July 2012 survey results from Ipsos. This finding comes on the heels of recent Ipsos survey results indicating that 81% of Americans are still socializing more in-person than online. A Performics study also released in July found that40% of Americans feel more comfortable engaging with people online than in-person, though survey respondents were limited to Americans who visit a social network at least once a day.

According to the most recent Ipsos survey results, unsurprisingly, younger Americans are more apt to say they are more outgoing online than in-person: 27% of those under 35 claim to be more outgoing online, dropping to 18% of those aged 35 to 49, and just 13% of those aged 50 to 64. Respondents with a high household income (21%) also over-index compared to the mid- or low-range income groups (17% for both). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.