Consumer Comfort With Data Practices [CHART]

Chart - Consumer Comfort With Data Practices

Consumers who are aware of Facebook’s use of their profile information and posts to target ads towards them aren’t very accepting of this practice, according to survey results released in July 2012 by Placecast. Just one-third of these consumers say they are somewhat or very comfortable with it, the lowest proportion among the list of 7 data usage cases identified in the survey. By contrast, topping the list in terms of consumer comfort was grocery stores using purchase information to give coupons tailored to frequent purchases. 81% of consumers aware of this practice said they are very or somewhat comfortable with it.

The report notes an interesting outlier with respect to Facebook’s use of data: among those aware of it, women aged 18-34 were 58% more likely than average to indicate comfort with it (52% vs. 33%). Citing comScore and Nielsen as sources that indicate that these users make up some of the social network’s heaviest users, the report suggests that a correlation might be present between reliance on social networking and acceptance of data usage. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.