Social Media Personal Brand Search Visibility By Social Network [CHART]

Chart - Social Media Personal Brand Search Visibility By Social Network

Facebook experienced the largest percentage growth of writers names appearing on page 1, increasing by 10 to 62 percent, but only 9 percent of all Page 1 appearances were in high visibility (1-3) ranking positions.

While Twitter was left with not much room for growth with 91 percent of writers appearing on Page 1, by June of 2012, Twitter appeared on Page 1 of the SERPs for nearly all of our writers (95 percent).

Most significantly, Twitter already had the largest percentage (62 percent) of Page 1 results in high visibility (1-3) ranking positions (more than double that of second-place LinkedIn).

In the six months between our analyses, Twitter had the biggest growth in Page 1 appearances in high ranking positions. Put another way, Twitter is now almost always on Page 1 and at the top of Page 1 when Googling the top tech writers in the world.

When it came to changes in Google+ visibility, Google’s social network grew by the smallest percentage of all networks, increasing by 3 to 36 percent. (Caveat: Our analysis was performed as a ‘non logged-in’ user.) And, when Google+ did appear on Page 1, it wasn’t at the top of the page – it was the only network that saw position 1-3 appearance actually decrease, from 5 percent to a mere 4 percent. Read the rest at Search Engine Watch.