Effectiveness Of Humor In TV Commercials [CHART]

Chart - Effectiveness Of Humor In TV Commercials

Funny TV ads appear to be more likable to consumers, but that does not necessarily make them more persuasive or effective, according to an Ace Metrix study released in July. Measuring humor against likability, there is a 0.31 correlation, indicating that the more consumers perceive an ad to be funny, the more they find it likeable. There is also a positive correlation with attention (0.30) and watchability (0.15). But, consumers see funny ads as less informative (-0.22 correlation), and are less likely to change (-0.07) or desire (-0.08) brands because of a funny ad.

The AceMetrix report, “Is Funny Enough? An Analysis of the Impact of Humor in Advertisements,” compared ads’ Ace Scores (a proprietary and composite measurement of ad effectiveness) against the company’s newly-created Funny Index (see methodological data below for a description of the index). Both Ace Scores and the Funny Index range between 1 and 950, with Ace Scores centering around 530. The scores allowed a 1-to-1 comparison of humor and effectiveness. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.