Use Of Social Media Sponsorship By Marketers vs. Influencers [CHART]

Chart - Social Media Sponsorship Use By Marketers vs. Influencers

In a May to June 2012 poll, a majority of US marketers, 55.5%, told social media marketing company IZEA that they had provided a social media user with some compensation in exchange for a mention on the user’s social media channel.

The research also found that blog posts and tweets have emerged as the preferred mediums for sponsored social media messages among both marketers and influencers. In fact, 54% of marketers had used a third-party blog to get their message out, while 55.4% of influencers had published a sponsored blog post, making it the most popular medium among both groups. But sponsored tweets were not far behind—the poll found they were used by 47.3% of marketers and 51.8% of influencers. Read the rest at eMarketer.