Business' Loyalty To Daily Deals Sites [CHART]

Chart - Business' Loyalty To Daily Deals Sites

Businesses that run daily deals have proved that they are not loyal to any one site: 54% of SMBs that have run 2 deals have run them through a single daily deal site, while of those businesses that have run 3 or 4 daily deals, just 19.4% use one daily deal site, and of those that have run 5 or 6 deals, just 18.2% stick with one daily deal site. On average, 36.3% of SMBs that run daily deals use a single site, according to a Rice University study.

Merchants will return where they have found success. Yipit, a daily deal aggregator, reported that 41% of merchants running Groupon promotions were repeat merchants in Q1 2012, up from 31% in Q3 2011, and those merchants accounted for 56% of Groupon’s North American gross billings in Q1 2012, up from just 33% six months earlier. But with 46% of companies splitting their first two deals between two sites, merchants prove themselves open to finding the best return. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.