Chart - Global Paid Search Growth, Q2 2012

Global paid search spend rose 17% year-over-year and 5% quarter-over-quarter in Q2, details Covario in a July 2012 report covering its clients, who are primarily high-tech and consumer electronics firms. The report notes that the 10% quarter-over-quarter decline in click-through rate (CTR) and concurrent 6% increase in costs per click (CPC) suggests that keyword pricing (which grew 6%), rather than volume, was the primary growth driver for the quarter. On a year-over-year basis, impressions (+7%), clicks (+18%), and cost (+17%) all grew in Q2, with CTR (+11%) also growing and CPCs flat. The quarter-over-quarter data displayed a different pattern, however, with impressions rising 10%, while clicks fell by 1% and cost rose by 5%. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.