Chart - Factors That Influence Millennials' CPG Brand Selection

A number of promotional tactics appear to affect Millennial shoppers’ brand decisions more heavily than the average shopper, according to a SymphonyIRI report released in June 2012. For example, roughly two-thirds of Millennial shoppers say that coupons from home are a top-2 box factor driving their brand choices, making them 29% more likely than the average shopper to cite this factor. Millennials are also 31% more likely to be swayed by shopper loyalty card discounts (53% citing this factor), 22% more likely to be influenced by an in-store circular (51%), and 3% more likely to be influenced by newspaper circulars from home (48%).

Other results show that item price (87%) is the most influential brand selection factor among Millennials, and they are 10% more likely to cite this than the average shopper. In-store kiosks and in-store signs or displays are particularly more influential to Millennials than other shoppers, with a share index of 177 and 136, respectively. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.