Response Rates For Select Media [CHART]


Direct mail campaigns benefit from higher response rates than various other channels, finds the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in a June 2012 study. Comparing rates over time, the report indicates that the response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for email. Interestingly, (letter-sized) direct mail’s relative superiority over email in terms of response rate comes despite the former’s 25% decline in response rate over the past 9 years.

The DMA report is based on a survey conducted in April 2012 with 481 usable responses, and this survey data is supplemented by transactional data from Epsilon and Bizo, which adds aggregated data on more than 29 billion emails and more than 2 billion online display ads. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.