Primary Source Of Political Information, By Gender [CHART]


This change makes sense in the context of the results of an April 2012 online survey of US online adults conducted by Burst Media. The poll found that 27.7% of likely voters got their information about candidates and causes primarily on the internet, a 10% jump over 2008. In fact, the internet was only slightly behind television, which was the top channel where likely voters got most of their information, at 28.3%. Interestingly, independent voters showed a much higher affinity for the internet over television, while Democrats and Republicans used the two channels roughly equally.

Likely male voters showed a special preference for the web—34.7% said the internet was their primary means of getting political information, vs. 21.2% of women. For their part, women favored television, with 31.7% getting most of their political information through that channel, compared with 24.6% of men. Read the rest at eMarketer.