Social Media Users' Consumer Activities [CHART]


Active social media users are more likely than the average person to have engaged in a variety of consumer activities, whether online or in person, finds a survey [pdf] released in June 2012 by Allstate, in association with National Journal. They are almost 10% more likely than the average respondent to have consulted with friends, family or co-workers about a product or service to buy (79% vs. 72%), and 18% more likely to have bought a product or service online (78% vs. 66%). Social media users also pay attention to what others have to say: 64% report having changed their mind about purchasing a product or service because of the opinions of others, compared to 58% of respondents overall. And beyond listening to others, they are keen to have their say too: they are more likely than the average to have participated in groups made up of people concerned about a particular product, service, or company (33% vs. 28%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.