Preference For People Skills [CHART]


Presented with the choice, 69% of Americans would rather be people-savvy than tech-savvy, finds Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX) in June 2012 survey results. Women in particular would rather be people-savvy, 14% more likely than men to display this preference (73% vs. 64%). Ipsos suggests marketers take note of these consumer preferences to craft messaging that plays to people’s desire for emotional connections. Indeed, research has shown emotional connections to be a driver for anything from radio listening to TV ad response.

Breaking down the data by age group, the Ipsos survey reveals no distinct trend, although 50-64-year-olds appear to be more likely to choose people smarts than 35-49-year-olds (71% vs. 66%). Interestingly, those under 35 are less likely than 35-49-year-olds to say they would choose to be tech-savvy. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.