Online Video Advertising Effectiveness [CHART]


Digital video advertising can be equally or more effective than TV, say 64% of advertisers responding to a BrightRoll survey released in June 2012. An even greater proportion see digital video as equally or more effective than display (87%) and social media (69%). Digital video’s effectiveness appears to be driven by its targeting capabilities, which 43% cite as its most valuable aspect. As a result, the use of behavioral targeting by agencies in online video campaigns will increase by 24% this year, with two-thirds saying that more than 40% of their online video ads will be behaviorally targeted.

Interestingly, beyond targeting, advertisers also see digital video’s reach and format as more valuable than its price relative to TV, which appears as the channel’s least valuable aspect. Online video’s reach doesn’t yet hold a candle to TV’s reach, though, but it is growing, according to a comScore report also released in June. Across 10 major brands included in the study, on average, 90% of their audiences were reached via TV, compared to 12% through online video. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.