Mobile Users’ In-Store Activities, February 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Users

40% of mobile phone users surveyed across 23 countries claim to regularly compare prices while in-store.

Female Homeowners’ Attitudes Toward Smart-Home Tech, November 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Female Homeowners

US female homeowners in the under-35 age group consistently overindexed for usage and interest in smart-home technology features when compared with all women surveyed.

Use & Interest In Smart-Home Tech Among Women Homeowners, November 2014 [TABLE]

Table - Use & Interest In Smart-Home Tech Among Women Homeowners

In a January 2015 report, IHS forecast that smart-home device shipments worldwide would rise 660% between 2013 and 2018, from 25 million to 190 million.

LinkedIn Demographics [TABLE]

Table - LinkedIn Demographics

Some 28% of online adults are LinkedIn users, up from 22% in August 2013.