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How People Spend Time Away From Home & Work [CHART]

via Time spent at retail locations such as a grocery store, other store, or mall, accounts for 13% of US adults’ time away from home and the workplace, finds the Outdoor Advertising Assocation of America in a May 2012 report. Using 1,000 smartphones diaries to capture behavioral data every 30 minutes over 10 days,…

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Smart Owners Air Travel Activities [CHART]

via Smartphone owners are using their devices for a range of activities from reading email to performing in-store research, so it may not be a surprise that a majority are now accessing travel-related content on their devices, according to April 2012 comScore figures. Indeed, 51% of smartphone owners accessed air and/or hotel information on…

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Vintage International Travel Posters [GALLERY]

via The Boston Public Library’s Print Department is home to more than 350 vintage travel posters, most dating from the 1920s-1940s, the “Golden Age of Travel.” Railways opened up America and Europe, luxe ocean liners introduced elegance into overseas voyages, and drivers took to the road in record numbers in their new automobiles. By…

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