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Marketers Align Online Video With TV Campaigns [CHART]

via About half of brand advertisers and agencies polled in North America believed that, out of the major advertising channels, the one most appropriate to align with online video was TV. Forty percent, though, said online video should be more aligned with display advertising, and 11% said “neither.” Read the rest at eMarketer. Rate…

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Social TV Demographics [CHART]

via Smartphones, tablets, and TV make good companions, according to various reports released in April 2012. Data from a GfK Knowledge Networks survey indicates that 52% of minutes spent with tablets, and the same percentage with smartphones, are shared with TV viewing. Per a Forrester Research report, 85% of tablet owners use their tablets…

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Internet TV Penetration [CHART]

via 38% of all US households now have at least one TV set connected to the internet via a video game system, a Blu-ray player, and Apple TV or Roku set-top box, and/or the TV set itself, up 21% from 30% in 2011, and almost 60% from 24% in 2010, details Leichtman Research Group…

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Online Dominates Media Consumption Time [CHART]

via The average share of US consumers’ daily media time spent online has risen from about 10% in 2007 to 15% in 2011, and is expected to grow to 16% this year, according to a new report from GroupM. Consumers spent an estimated 1 hour and 12 minutes out of their total of 8…

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Millennials Switch Media 27 Times An Hour [STUDY]

via A recent study found that consumers in their 20s (“digital natives”) switch media venues about 27 times per nonworking hour—the equivalent of more than 13 times during a standard half-hour TV show. The study of consumer media habits was commissioned by Time Warner’s’s Time Inc. and conducted by Boston’s Innerscope Research. Though it…

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