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Preferred Feedback Channel By Generation [CHART]

via When Maritz broke its data down among age groups, it found that the type of contact consumers favored to reach companies was closely linked to users’ age. Younger customers were more likely to embrace public feedback on a social network, while older consumers preferred older methods of direct contact with a company. Unsurprisingly,…

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Feedback Channels Online Consumers Know Of & Prefer [CHART]

via When it comes to making their voices heard to businesses, customers are showing they’re not shy about taking to the web. An April 2012 survey of US internet users conducted by Maritz Research found that, overall, consumers preferred using email to making a phone call when they sought to provide businesses with direct…

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More Than Three-Quarters Prefer Email For Direct Marketing [CHART]

via Email is by far the most popular channel among US online consumers for receiving permission-based promotional messages, according to [pdf] ExactTarget survey results released in April 2012. 77% of respondents chose email, with direct mail (letter, catalogs, postcards, etc. – 9%), text messaging (SMS) on a cell phone (5%), Facebook (4%), and phone…

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