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Chinese Smart Phone User Demographics [CHART]

via According to a March 2012 report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), smartphone shipments in China will surpass those in the US during 2012. IDC’s “Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker” data forecasts China to have a 20.7% share of worldwide smartphone shipments in 2012, compared to 20.6% for the US. Read the rest…

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Social Media Monitoring Metrics [CHART]

via Social media allows companies to interact directly with customers, and many of those surveyed took that into consideration as a reason why they monitor social media. When looking at what metrics these companies track on social media, 26.8% of respondents mentioned customer satisfaction and 23.7% said overall buzz. Brand experience was also cited…

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Global Corporate Social Media Monitoring [CHART]

via A study of companies worldwide from SHARE and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE and sponsored by IBM and Marist College found that only 52.8% of respondents were currently monitoring open online social media communities or networks. [Unisphere Media collected the data in January and February 2012. The study was written by Unisphere analyst Peter Auditore.]…

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New Dads’ Social Media Behavior [CHART]

via While moms used to be the social network standard-bearer of the family, fathers—particularly first-time fathers—are engaging in the same types of social media activities that new moms enjoy, according to a February 2012 survey by Edelman and The Parenting Group. The study showed that 42% of new US dads who use social networks…

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European Online Banking Leaders [TABLE]

via Despite the financial turmoil in Europe, bank websites remain popular among internet users on the continent. According to comScore, 38.7% of web users in Europe accessed a bank’s website in December 2011. Northern Europe was strongly represented, as the Netherlands had the highest percentage of internet users accessing banking sites, at 66.3%, followed…

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Social Media Marketing Benefits [CHART]

via Just 40% of marketers say that their social media marketing has benefited them by improving their sales, down 7% from last year, per an April 2012 report from the Social Media Examiner. Despite this, the results indicate that prolonged investment into the marketing channel pays dividends: the proportion of marketers who report sales…

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