Social Media Monitoring

Merchants’ Social Media Use [CHART]

via Merchants are increasingly using social media to monitor mentions and engage with customers, but are using the sites less as prospecting tools, according to [download page] a Multichannel Merchant survey released in June 2012. A leading 76.9% of the respondents this year said they use social media to monitor what customers are saying…

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Social Media Monitoring Metrics [CHART]

via Social media allows companies to interact directly with customers, and many of those surveyed took that into consideration as a reason why they monitor social media. When looking at what metrics these companies track on social media, 26.8% of respondents mentioned customer satisfaction and 23.7% said overall buzz. Brand experience was also cited…

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Global Corporate Social Media Monitoring [CHART]

via A study of companies worldwide from SHARE and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE and sponsored by IBM and Marist College found that only 52.8% of respondents were currently monitoring open online social media communities or networks. [Unisphere Media collected the data in January and February 2012. The study was written by Unisphere analyst Peter Auditore.]…

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