Social Advertising

Facebook Ad Clickers [CHART]

via In January 2012, 44% of internet users worldwide said they never clicked on ads or sponsored listings on Facebook, according to the “Search and Social Media Survey (2011-2012)” report from search engine marketing company Greenlight. An additional 31% said they rarely clicked on advertisements. Read the rest at eMarketer. Rate this post

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Mainstream & Niche Marketing Tactics [TABLE]

via In a March 2012 online survey of US marketing professionals, trade publication Chief Marketer found that the most popular tool in digital campaigns was tried-and-true email marketing, which 78% of respondents said they used. Email newsletters were the No. 2 tactic (59%), followed closely by a social network presence (58%). This year, for…

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US Facebook Ad Performance Metrics by Gender, 2011 [CHART]

via In the US, in almost every instance, costs per click and CPMs were higher for both genders than worldwide rates in each quarter of 2011, and clickthrough rates tended to be higher too. Similar to worldwide behaviors, differences between the clicking rates of men and women were pronounced in the US: During Q4,…

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