Marketers’ Use Of Phone Data, April 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Marketers

Few marketers and eCommerce professionals (predominantly based in Europe) agree that they use insight from phone calls to tailor on-site content.

SMBs’ Most Effective Marketing Methods, 2014 vs 2015 [TABLE]

Table - SMBs

US small and medium-sized businesses were seeing more success with their website than any other channel.

Planned Increased Spending On Marketing Technologies In 2015 [TABLE]

Table - Planned Increased Spending On Marketing Technologies In 2015

Nearly eight in 10 client-side marketers said they would increase digital marketing technology spending in 2015, vs. 70% in 2014.

Marketers’ Ability To Measure ROI Of Online Marketing, March 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Marketers

Despite increasing pressures to prove their worth, American CMOs continue to have difficulty quantitatively demonstrating the impact of their activities.

Primary B2B & B2C Revenue-Driving Channels, February 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Primary B2B & B2C Revenue-Driving Channels

B2B marketers count lead generation as their top marketing objective, while B2C marketers are most heavily focused on driving sales this year.