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How Multiscreen Consumers Learn Of New Products & Services [CHART]

via Not surprisingly, the more screens a consumer uses, the more likely he or she is to discover and research products online, versus offline. While 75% of two-screen (2SCRN) consumers list offline sources like word-of-mouth, catalogs and television as their primary way of discovering new products, that percentage drops to 63% for 4SCRN consumers.…

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Multitainment Attention By Device [CHART]

via TV viewers might be busy playing games on their smartphones or using social networks on their tablets, but it looks like they still give most of their attention to TV, according to a May 2012 study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). In fact, while simultaneously engaging in TV-related activities on their devices,…

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Content-Related TV Multitasking [CHART]

via Indeed, according to the IAB’s “Screens to the nth,” those using smartphones while watching TV (”smartphone multitaskers”) outpace those using tablets and computers in a number of program-related areas. For instance, they are about twice as likely as tablet multitaskers to text, email, or IM with friends about the show (23% vs. 12%),…

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TV Multitasking By Device [CHART]

via 63% of live TV viewers and 66% of DVR TV viewers say they used another device at least once the last time they watched TV, with the most common device used being a computer (53% and 50%, respectively), according to [pdf] a May 2012 report from the Internet Advertising Bureau. 16% of live…

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