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Mobile Tech Babysitters [CHART]

via A Mom Central Consulting survey from January 2012, for example, found that 39% of US mothers who use the internet, have a mobile phone that they pass on to their children to keep them engaged during a car trip. Only the Nintendo DS and the car DVD player or video were used more…

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Moms’ Social Brand Engagement [CHART]

via Mothers aren’t only more likely to discuss and pass on brand information, they’re also more apt to engage with the brands themselves. A greater proportion of mothers than other women said they had liked a post (52% vs. 37%), read company or brand posts in their newsfeed (45% vs. 32%), and made a…

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Mommy Brand Fan Behavior [CHART]

via Mothers are more likely than other women to be brand ambassadors on social networking sites, details Performics in April 2012 survey results. Looking at the behaviors of almost 3,000 women who accessed at least one social network on a regular basis, Performics found that mothers were 34% more likely than other women to…

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