Top Content Consumed Weekly On Tablets [CHART]

Top Content Consumed Weekly On Tablets [CHART]

According to a March 2012 Online Publishers Association study, accessing content & information was the top reason US tablet users reached for their devices.

Current & Planned Use Of Mobile Marketing [CHART]

Current & Planned Use Of Mobile Marketing

Worldwide, growth in the adoption of mobile devices is set to continue apace for the foreseeable future. So it makes sense, then, that marketers would be moving quickly to adapt to this new channel. But an April 2012 survey of business leaders worldwide by email marketing services provider Strongmail found that 55% of respondents were […]

Percent Of Interactive Marketing Budget Allocated To Mobile [CHART]

Percent of Interactive Marketing Budget Allocated To Mobile [CHART]

In spite of all of this activity, mobile marketing remains a small portion of overall marketing budgets. Almost one-quarter of respondents said mobile budgets comprised less than 1% of their overall budget, while one-fifth said it accounted for 2% to 3% of total money spent. A paltry 6% of respondents said mobile made up 11% […]

Types Of Mobile Marketing Currently Used Globally [CHART]

Types of Current Mobile Marketing Used Globally [CHART]

Among those executives already in mobile marketing, optimizing websites for mobile devices held the top spot as the most frequently used mobile marketing technique, cited by 70% of respondents. In second place were mobile apps, used by 55% of these marketers. Interestingly, 49% said they used QR codes, despite some unfamiliarity among consumers with what […]

Argentina Internet Use By Location [CHART]

via eMarketer expects internet user penetration in Argentina to pass the 50% mark during 2012, for a total of 22.9 million users. Broadband household penetration is close behind, forecast to reach 49.6%, or 5.7 million homes, in 2013. This translates to more users in Argentina accessing the internet at home than ever before. As […]

Gadget Ownership By Generation [CHART]

via growing share of seniors own a cell phone, according to separate research from Pew. Nearly seven in ten (69%) adults ages 65 and older say they have a mobile phone, up from 57% in May 2010. Even among those now age 76 and older, 56% report owning a cell phone of some kind, […]

Tablet Users & New Buyers By Generation [CHART]

via 4 in 10 tablet users (defined as owners or regular users of a tablet) are between the ages of 35 and 64, per June 2012 survey results [pdf] from the Online Publishers Association. And that user base will only solidify over time: further data from the report indicates that 46% of new buyers […]

Parent Adoption of Online Devices [CHART]

via Parents are showing healthy levels of new media and technology adoption, according to June 2012 Ipsos MediaCT survey results. Among parents of children aged 6-12, 69% own a cell phone that can access the internet, while 37% own a tablet, and 26% an e-reader. To put those latter numbers in perspective, January 2012 […]