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Perceived Risks vs. Benefits Of Location-Based Services [CHART]

via Consumers are taking to the use of location-based services on mobile devices because of the convenience such services offer. A March 2012 poll of US mobile app users by global security association ISACA found that 58% of those who had smart devices had used location-based apps, compared with only 15% who had not.…

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Top 12 Mobile Strategies [CHART]

via Data from the “2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey” indicates that more marketers will be focusing on mobile optimized websites than mobile applications as part of their mobile strategies this year. 42% chose the former as one of their top 3 strategies, compared to 34% who chose the latter. These marketers appear to be…

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Global Mobile Gaming App Growth, Q1 2010-Q1 2012 [CHART]

via The number of games available is only partly responsible for mobile gaming’s dominance. Consumers are not only consuming more games than before; they are also spending more time with content. Mobile analytics software company Flurry Analytics examined the mobile gaming app sessions for iOS and Android devices in a study. In Q1 2012,…

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Where Mobile Ads Are Noticed By Smart Phone Owners [CHART]

via Typically, respondents reported researching products on their smartphone while either at home (58%) or generally “on the go” (43%), followed by in a store (31%), making retail locations the No. 1 single out-of-home place for smartphone owners to take action. Meanwhile, the locations of online ads noticed on mobile devices shifted between July…

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Mobile Content Use [CHART]

via During the three-month average ending March 2012, 50% of US mobile subscribers used downloaded applications on their mobile device, up about 5% from 47.6% during the three-month average ending December 2011, according to comScore Mobile Metrix data. For the period, downloaded applications extended their lead in penetration over browsers, which were used by…

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