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American Moms’ Social Network Adoption, 2010-2014 [CHART]

via That moms are big-time social network users is demonstrated in study after study. eMarketer’s latest forecast shows that this year nearly 28 million moms will use social networks, representing a whopping 82% of mom internet users who have children under 18 in the household. Read the rest at eMarketer. 0.0 00

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Chinese Mobile Phone Users, 2010-2016 [CHART]

via China should be the leading mobile advertising market in the world. eMarketer estimates more than 880 million consumers in China—nearly two-thirds of the country’s population—will own at least one mobile phone by the end of this year. Read the rest at eMarketer. 0.0 00

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Mobile Canadians, 2010-2016 [CHART]

via The number of mobile internet users in Canada jumped more than 28% in 2011, with 25% of the population using the mobile internet by year’s end. eMarketer estimates that penetration will continue to rise, albeit at a somewhat slower pace, through 2016, when nearly half of the population will be mobile internet users.…

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